Authorized Amazon Sellers

Are you a professional dog trainer and/or own a small canine wholesale business?

If so, we have multiple terrific distributors that are a great place to start when looking to carry Herm Sprenger products. Please see the following:

Dogline Group (FL)

Joseph M. Brady (MA)

Coastal Pet Products (FL)

Bridgeport K9 Equipment (OH)

Ray Allen Manufacturing (CO)

Pawmark (TN)

Be attentive when buying on Amazon  – Only purchase from our “Authorized Amazon Sellers”

Looking to buy a Herm Sprenger product through Amazon? You can be sure that you are purchasing an authentic Herm Sprenger product by choosing one of our Authorized Amazon sellers.
When you choose to make your purchase through one of these dealers, so you can be sure that you will receive a high quality SPRENGER product, as well as the corresponding service.
While some of our main sellers are listed below, you can also find our authorized Amazon sellers in the store locator by changing the category.

Please note: We are not currently accepting new applications for Amazon or E-Commerce-based Canine Accounts.

The following sellers are authorized by us to sell via Amazon:

  • 101 Outlets
  • Derek's Goods
  • DogSport Gear
  • DropItGroup
  • Pattern -iServe-

Below are some examples of where the seller of the item is displayed on Amazon: