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Dog Sports – FAQ

How do I know what collar is right for my dog?

We develop our products in cooperation with individuals involved in dog sports, breeders, and professional trainers to bring you innovative research and state of the art technology.

Each of our products comes with reccommendations for the best suited breeds, coat types, and weight limits.

If you need more specific guidance or are still unsure, we would be happy to connect you with your local Herm Sprenger dealer or one of our canine reps.

How do I know which training or prong collar is right for my dog?

In simple terms, the prong collar is a special training tool that must be handled by experts only. We like to remind dog owners that while the prong collar can act as an aid, it cannot replace professional training.

Based on these terms, we reccommend reaching out to an experienced trainer to discuss the best options for your individual dog.

Not sure who to turn to as a reliable training source? We have a growing list of Herm Sprenger certified trainers here

Why choose a Chain Dog Collar versus a Nylon Dog Collar?

A Chain Dog collar offers three main advantages over the traditional nylon collar:

1) They significantly reduce the risk of hair breakage, especially in dogs with thick, long hair

2) When it comes to large, heavy dogs, they offer a higher degree of safety due to the high breaking load

3) They are super easy to care for and don’t absorb water, thus offer nowhere for smelly odors, dirt, and bacteria to linger

chain dog collar herm sprenger

How do I measure my dog's neck size + find the best size for them?

In order to find the best size for your dog’s collar, please following the steps below:

1) Please use a fabric tape measure or a simple cord if you do not have one handy ( a rigid tape measure will not work for this)

2)Wrap your cord or fabric tape measure around your dogs neck where the collar would sit. The cord/tape measure should fit comfortably so that you have approx. 1 finger’s width underneath.

3) If you used a piece of string or cord, carefully remove it while holding it at the spot in which the end of the cord met the remainder. Measure this length for the proper fit of your collar.

Some additional notes to be aware of:

  • Your show collar or regular collar (ex. Paracord) will follow the size you got when taking your dog’s general neck measurement (ex. if your dog’s neck measured 14 Inch, they would need a 14 Inch collar in these styles)
  • If you are choosing a Chain collar without an assembly chain, we suggest adding approx. 2 Inches to your measurment to allow for the collar to comfortable be pull over the dog’s head
  • If you are using a Chain collar that includes an assembly chain, we suggest adding approx. 3 Inches to the measurement for proper fit and use.



What is special about the NeckTech Sport & Fun Collar, and is there a difference between the two?

Our NeckTech collars are made from strip material in a variety of metal types (Stainless Steel, CUROGAN, etc) and all of the styles can be combined with each other. Both the NeckTech Sport & Fun feature our ClicLock closure; which not only makes it easy to put on and take off, but is also extremely durable & long-lasting.

Think of it has a more modern-style prong collar, the NeckTech Sport still offers punctual correction like our traditional prong collar styles. The Fun version is more of a standard daily collar versus being a training collar.

NeckTech Fun Dog Collar

NeckTech Fun

NeckTech Sport Dog Collar

NeckTech Sport

How do I adjust the size of my NeckTech Collar?

Our NeckTech dog collars are designed to be easily adjustable by either adding or removing individual elements. Extra elements in all metal finishes are available for purchase for this purpose.

What is a ClicLock Fastener?

First introduced in 2010, the ClicLock fastener has proven to be both a reliable and extremely safe alternative to a traditional buckle closture. Constructed out of Stainless steel, it has a guaranteed breaking load of 440 lbs.

What is CUROGAN?

Amongst the multiple options we offer in our collar materials, CUROGAN is a copper-tin alloy that is 100% nickel free. This makes it a great alternative for dogs that tend to experience allergic reactions to traditional chain materials. Due to the nature of the metal, it will start out as a brighter red-tinged collar but darken over time.

curogan chain dog collar

What is the best way for me to care for my chain dog collar?

Typically, you may clean your chain collar with a mild soap.

For chains made from Stainless steel or CUROGAN, we do reccommend using a specialized metal polish every so often, such as our Diamond Paste.

For Chrom-plated chains, it is best to dry them thoroughly if they have been in contact with water.

Can I buy your canine products directly?

We do not currently sell our products directly to consumers. We do have a wide variety of distributors to choose from when it comes to purchasing a Herm Sprenger canine product. Please see our growing list of sellers here.

Why is my collar staining my dog's fur?

Unfortunately, some dogs may have an allergic reaction to certain metals, causing dark temporary staining of the coat where the collar lies. If your dog has a tendency to experience staining or is known to be allergic to certain metals, we suggest trying our CUROGAN line, which is naturally a hypoallergenic option. Please note; while this particular material has hypoallergenic properties, it is not 100% guaranteed to prevent staining. 

What is your return & warranty policy?

Our general return & warranty policy can be seen here. Please note: You must reach out to the place of purchase in order to proceed with a return or exchange request.

How do I fit & use a chain collar?

How do I fit and use a prong collar?

Our Canine Ambassador, trainer Tom Davis, has created some helpful videos to assist you in fitting and using your prong collar **Please note; we do not recommend the use of prong collars on dogs under the age of 6-8 months old depending on the breed**:


I need to purchase extra prong links but I don't know what wire gauge I have?

Perhaps you have had your collar for a while or lost the original tag, the good news is that you can follow these general guidelines to pick the correct link size for your collar:

2.25mm wire gauge -> 1 Inch long

3.2mm wire gauge -> 1.5 Inches long

4mm wire gauge -> 2 Inches long


If you are still unsure of the correct wire gauge, please feel free to reach out to use directly!

Can I purchase training collar end plates or centerplates separately?

Unfortunately, we do not currently sell these items on their own. 

Equine Sports – FAQ

How do I choose the correct size bit for my horse?

The bit operates like a communication channel between horse & rider, and with it being one of the most sensitive parts of the horse’s body, it is important to use a correct fitting bit for optimal comfort.

There are two general factors to consider when choosing the correct size bit for your horse:

1) Bit Width

2) Bit Thickness

Additionally, the fit may vary between a loose-ring style versus a fixed cheek piece like a D-ring

For a Loose-Ring Bit -> There should be no more than a 1/2cm between the edge of the mouth and bit ring, on both the left and right side. Be sure that the ring is able to move freely without pinching the mouth.

loose ring bit fitting

For a Fixed Cheek Piece (ex. Eggbutt, Full Cheek, D-Ring, etc) -> due to the design of these bits, they should sit closer to the edge of the mouth than a loose-ring would.

d ring bit fitting fixed cheek

For a Double Bridle Set-up -> A Double-Bridle typically consists of a Weymouth and Bradoon bit. The Bradoon should be the same size that you would use for a traditional snaffle bit, as it will sit in the same area in the horse’s mouth. The Weymouth, on the other hand, is designed to sit lower in the mouth, thus we recommend going up to 1cm smaller than the Bradoon to accommodate the anatomy of the jaw, as well as provide the most comfortable/accurate fit.

bradoon weymouth double bridle bit fitting

Herm Sprenger produces a variety of bit widths to fit a broad range of mouth anatomies. The best way to choose the correct thickness for your own horse is by performing the “Two-Finger Test”. To perform this test, put your index finger and middle finger together and insert it in your horse’s mouth where the bit would traditionally lie. If you feel a steady pressure from the upper and lower jaw, your horse will most likely require a thinner mouth piece (typically 14-16mm). If you feel little to know pressure on your fingers, your horse will be able to comfortably wear a bit with a thickness between 16-18mm.

Please note, using a bit that is too thick for your horse’s mouth can cause excessive pressure on the palate, which can lead to bruising and injury. Some common signs that a bit may be too thick are head tossing, mouth gaping, and jerking on the reins.

What is the best way to care for my bit?

Ideally, we suggest cleaning your bit after every use by thoroughly rinsing it in clean water. This will help prevent discoloration from oxidation, as well as prevent food remains or saliva from getting caked onto the surface of your bit.

If your bit is made from either Sensogan or Aurigan, they contain copper which due to its natural oxidation process, may tarnish and lose its shine after extended use. Our Diamond Paste is a great way to revitalize these bits in a non-toxic way.

Have you had eggbutt or D-ring bits start to squeak in the past? We reccommend thoroughly clean, rinse, and oil these moving parts with cooking oil every so often.

Our Duo or rubber-based bits must be cleaned after each ride as well, and we suggest inspecting your bit for signs of wear and tear in order to prevent any discomfort to your horse that sharp edges or pieces can cause.

Can I try a bit before purchasing?

Select Herm Sprenger dealers do offer a special trial service to customers. Each Test Center has a selection of bits available to take on trial to see if it may work for your horse. Please contact your local Herm Sprenger dealer for more information on whether or not they offer trial bits. 

Can I purchase your Equine products directly?

At this time, we do not sell direct to consumer. We do have a wide selection of distributors to choose from when it comes to purchasing a Herm Sprenger product. See a full list here.

What is your Return & Warranty Policy?

You can see our current Return & Warranty policy here. Please note: you must submit a return/exchange request through the original place of purchase, we cannot process these requests directly. 

What is special about the KK Ultra bit line?

KK ULTRA bits are the pioneers of modern bits because they have been developed on the basisof scientific research.

They achieve their unique, precise effect through thespecial 45° angle of the middle link. When used correctly,the horse’s confidence in the rider’s hand is enhanced,which is why these bits are used successfully worldwide
in all disciplines and across all training levels – a true all-round talent! Compared to conventional bits, the middle link has also been shortened. This anatomical adaptation noticeably optimizes the effect compared to conventional double jointed bits.

When the reins are taken up, the middle link – also known as the “lozenge” because of its striking shape –gently rolls over the central part of the horse’s tongue, stimulating its sense of touch. The connecting rings to the
middle piece roll softly over the tongue without exerting pressure.

Scientific Research

The development of the KK ULTRA bits is based on the results of a measurement of mouth cavities of horses initiated by SPRENGER, carried out by the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hanover. This investigation
resulted in groundbreaking knowledge about the space conditions and the position of bits in the horse‘s mouth. In short, the sensitive horse mouth offers little space for a bit. This space has to be used by anatomical adjustments in such a way that a comfortable and effective rein aid is possible for the rider.


Can I purchase your Equine products directly?

Yes! Please visit our retail website:  We also have a wide variety of distributors to choose from when it comes to purchasing a Herm Sprenger canine product. Please see our growing list of sellers here

How to Measure + Fit a Training Prong Collar