Dynamic RS Shine Bright Loose Ring 16 mm single jointed – Sensogan “Chrysolite”, size 135 mm (5 1/4″)

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EAN/UPC: 4.02E+12


Bits of the Shine Bright Edition are embellished with glass crystals on the sides.

There are 6 colors to choose from: Crystal, Aquamarine, Chrysolite, Light Colorado Topaz, Provence Lavendar, and Vintage Rose

  • Ergonomically shaped to allow for a soft and even distribution of pressure
  • Middle link angled forward by 45 degrees
  • Fits anatomically correct between tongue and palate, allowing for effective rein aids
  • Ideal for sensitive horses or those with fleshy tongues
  • Designed to encourage the horse to confidently step forward to the bit