ULTRA-PLUS Training Collar with Center-Plate and ClicLock – CUROGAN (nylon strapping)

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  • This ULTRA-PLUS Training dog collar is safe and easy to put on and take off due to the ClicLock design.
  • This prong collar allows for quick and pinpoint influence.
  • The CUROGAN finish means this dog collar is nickel-free and rust proof. It is a great choice for dog’s that typically experience discoloration or reactions from other collar materials.

Please note: This ULTRA-PLUS Training Collar features a 1-ring design

The ULTRA-PLUS Training Collar Size Suggestions:

For dogs up to 33lbs -> 16 Inch (2.25mm)

For dogs up to 66lbs -> 20 Inch (3.2mm)

For dogs up to 77lbs -> 24 Inch (4mm)

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16inch, 20inch, 24inch, 16"/2.25mm, 20"/3.2mm, 24"/4mm